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Restoring Your Credit

Clearwater Credit Restoration Lawyer

Thousands of indebted individuals have been victimized by scams claiming to be able to repair a person's credit. The fact of the matter is that there is no way for any agency to effectively remove negative information from a credit report. Any agency claiming to do so is being dishonest and likely trying to scam you out of money you already can't afford to lose. The only thing that will truly heal your credit report is the passage of time. Consumer reporting companies have the right to report accurate information for seven years; ten years is the reporting time limit for bankruptcy cases. These numbers are not meant to discourage you; rather, they should be used as a means by which to judge your financial situation and what can be done about it.

In most cases, taking steps to restore your credit is possible, presuming the right means are employed to do so. Understanding that this is a process and not something that will happen quickly is important to consider, as unrealistic expectations will only further deter the process. In Florida, you may be able to begin restoring your credit with the guidance of a Clearwater bankruptcy attorney. When you contact my firm, The Law Office of Gary G. Carpenter, we can work together to devise a plan that will employ the most effective strategies for restoring your credit. Included in the steps that can be taken to help restore your credit are:

  • Creating a list specifying all of the debts you owe; i.e. amounts, creditor names, location addresses, etc.
  • Contacting creditors about any and all overdue bills
  • Using some of your savings (if financially reasonable to do so) to pay off some of your outstanding debts
  • Preparing a budget that you can realistically follow
  • Practicing diligence in your spending habits
  • Considering options to make more money; i.e. selling some of your assets, enlisting the support of friends and family, getting a second job, etc.

Restore Your Credit In Clearwater

Having poor credit is not a death sentence in the financial sector, or the legal sector for that matter. In fact, many individuals have been able to successfully obtain a credit card and start making dependable, timely payments on it, even with a less than perfect credit score. Not all credit card companies look at the same things. Where some might be interested in your credit history, others might be more interested in recent spending patterns only. The best way to find out is by doing your research, or by contacting my firm to help you determine which route would be best for you.

Whether you filed for bankruptcy or not, you may have a credit score that is inhibitive to your financial wellbeing. It is my goal to help clients find a sound financial footing after being in debt. For a I am willing to help do the same for you as well, so do not wait to call my office today to begin the credit repair process as soon as possible. The sooner we start, the sooner you may feel the relief of being financially free of your credit burdens.

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