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Frequently Asked Questions: Estate Planning

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Estate planning is a complex branch of the law. You are not expected to be familiar with all of the legalities surrounding this area, but with the help of a Clearwater estate planning attorney, you can begin to understand the process better. With my help, we will get through this time together and work hand in hand to create plan for your estate that you feel comfortable with.

Below, you will find answers to some of the questions that I receive most frequently regarding the matters related to estate planning in Florida. Some of your questions may be addressed below and you are more than welcome to call my law office today for a free consultation to discuss any other questions you may still have.

What is considered to be an estate?
At the time of your death, any and all of the property you own in full will be identified as your estate. This could include stocks, securities, real estate, life insurances policies, bank accounts, cars, expensive artwork, jewelry, etc.

How does having a will help?
Many people shudder at the thought of having to go through the process of probate when a loved one passes away. When a will has been created, the probate process will not be necessary because the terms and conditions of a will effectively address the same issues that would be handled during probate. Therefore, creating a will now could save your loved ones the hassle of dealing with probate matters in the future.

What is the point of having an estate plan?
Establishing an estate plan will allow you to rest assured that your personal belongings and property are attended to according to your exact wishes at the time you pass away. Your property will be transferred only to those whom you have personally identified as recipients of your estate. Additionally, probate can be avoided and medical treatments can be specified so friends and family don't have to make decisions for you in the event that you are unable to do so for yourself. A specific estate plan can be designed for you, ensuring that you are provided with the care and resources you want, leaving out those in which you are not interested.

How much will hiring an estate planning attorney cost me?
The cost of your legal services will vary depending on the situation at hand. I offer every client a free consultation where we can discuss any questions you may have about the process as well as costs involved. My goal is to provide my clients with affordable, cost-effective services, so don't hesitate to contact my office to learn more about the fees involved.

How do I know if estate planning is right for me?
Creating an estate plan will almost always serve the needs of everyone. Determining which plan is right for you is the job of an attorney and when you contact my office, I will help you choose which plan would best fit your needs. Together, we can explore your options and find one that is most conducive to your situation.

As you contemplate the estate planning process, you will be best served with a legal professional who will provide personalized service and attention. I am readily accessible to my clients and strive to help them complete their estate planning process with confidence and peace of mind. Call 727-242-7649 today for a free consultation.

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