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About Wills

It is only natural to want for matters concerning your estate to be handled to your liking after you pass away. The best way to make sure that your personal belongings and properties are attended to in the way you would like is through the creation of a will. Wills allow people to express their preferences in written form about how their estate should be handled after their death. Depending on an individual's wishes, a will can be quite simple (sometimes even only one page) or extremely elaborate (with volumes of stipulations). In either scenario, it can be important to have the guidance of a Clearwater estate planning lawyer by your side as you attempt to establish a will in Florida. A skilled legal professional can ensure that your documents are legally sufficient and there are no unfortunate surprises down the road.

At my law office, I can help you create a will that best represents your wants and needs. You will need to include a description of the estate in your will, as well as the specific people that will receive your property upon death. You can also leave specialized instructions in a will regarding the way in which you would like your children to be cared for (if they are minors), any gifts you would like to be donated to charities, etc. My goal is to ensure that your wishes for distribution of your possessions and assets are carried out as you desire in a cost effective manner.

As you create your will, it will need to be proven that you are of sound mind to do so and the document must be signed by the testator (you) before it will be made official.

Creating a Will in Clearwater, FL

A crucial part of estate planning is the creation of wills for those who wish to secure how their estate will be handled at the time of their death. This is best accomplished through the establishment of a will which will specify how all matters should be attended to when you are no longer around to do so for yourself. Within your will, you will need to appoint a representative, also referred to as an executor, who will be designated to carry out the wishes that you have specified in your will. Typically, testators opt to have a close relative act as executor of their estate; however, it is perfectly acceptable to have a non-family member attend to the matters of your estate instead.

As you proceed through the process of making a will, choosing an executor, and stipulating what terms and conditions will be cited in your will, I can help. That being said, I am here to help you carry out all of your legal needs as they pertain to estate planning, and I will do so with a dependability that will allow you to feel at ease with the process. Establishing a will can be easy or complex and it can be fast or lengthy. A large percentage of the process depends on a person's comfort level with the situation at hand, which is why it is one of my main goals is to make sure that you feel at ease throughout the process. This is what personalized service entails and it is my pleasure to provide this to you in an affordable and cost effective manner. Call my office today for a free consultation.

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